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Stencil Mural Post Install Photos

Photo credit: Chris Chavez. Special thanks to Mitsu Overstreet for hooking the whole deal up. Bowie Feathers 209 S. El Paso St. (above Tricky Falls) Hours of operation Mon - Friday 4pm - 2am, Sat & Sun 8pm - 2am Cash Only to purchase tickets. [gallery link="file"]   T.E.A.M. Stencil Mural ...

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T.E.A.M. Stencil Mural

Mitsu Overstreet, Ed Stewart, Albert "ol' Dirty Bert" Mejia, and I just finished a stencil mural for a new music venue / bar in downtown El Paso called "Tricky Falls".  The project is on permanent display inside of the venue's upstairs bar called "Bowie Feathers".  We got a lot of ...

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