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Chrisanthemum & Traverser Poster

Been doing a poster series recreating the archetypal divination system of antiquity called the Tarot.  Here are the first two offerings.  You can buy Chrisanthemum (magician card) at the Maintain website - You can find the high resolution image here - [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]

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New Drawings

[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="5"]

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WORK HARD Motivational Desktop

This is a motivational desktop I came up with for myself. It depicts migrant farm workers at dawn. You can download the hiRes image here -

View WORK HARD Motivational Desktop

The Survivalist

From back in November......

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Wakah Chan | Part 1-3: The Feathered Serpent

Zeque Penya ( and I just finished this comic strip for Fusion ( last night. It’s some super sci-fidelic neu-sage madness. If your still confused, stay tuned. It will all make sense one day.  ...

View Wakah Chan | Part 1-3: The Feathered Serpent

Interface Migration 02

More on the artificial intelligence drones gone wild in nature & giving love to all the animals.  Time with Ra in Oz. Ray from Maintain made Tshirts.

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Descendants of Wakah Chan Part 1-2

Descendants of Wakah Chan Part 1-2 A Shaman's Offering

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View 01-02-03-04


This is a preview for an upcoming comic zine.  Torus 4 is the featured sci-fi adventure involving a fully operational Stanford Torus space habitat and the interaction between the inhabitants.  Coming soon....

View TORUS 4

The Descendants of Wakah Chan | Part 1

The Descendants of Wakah Chan is a techno-history about the meeting of two worlds and times. The stakes are high and biological extinction is at stake. Tim Razo and Zeque Penya team up to bring you this Cosmic ...

View The Descendants of Wakah Chan | Part 1

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